The Binder Desoto collection

From start (1929) to finish (1961) at least one of every year!
Will be sold at a no reserve auction inSpencer Iowa October 20th, 2007

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Please note, I am not running this sale!
I am only assisting the auctioneer and the estate!
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    This webpage is dedicated to Chris Binder, a man with the focus and audacity to do what no one had done before! Make a collection of Desoto automobiles that includes at least one of every year of production. Chris was not in it for the investment, He was not a curator or a historian he just loved the cars and wanted to accomplish his goal. Many of the cars are not the most fancy models but they were local one owner cars with the exception of some real sweethearts. There are no high performance models but there are some sport models and a lot of rare cars. This just goes to show what a farmer with 600 acres can do in his spare time!

     I met Chris for the first time probably 20 years ago as a fellow member of the National Desoto Club in my home state of Iowa. He listed one car in the clubs roster a 1938 rumble seat cabriolet and I had stopped in to visit and talk Desotos when I was up in the area. I got to know Chris pretty well and he took me to all of the storage buildings on the farm and the storage center in a nearby town. We enjoyed talking about ways to improve the collection, what cars to sell to buy better cars for other years etc. Chris loved to show his cars one at a time but did not like people knowing the extent of his collection so I kept it under my hat!

This website is under constant construction,
The cars are almost done being cleaned from long storage!
I will be posting images of the cars all cleaned up very soon!
The Auction date has been set for October 20th, 2007.

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There are two 1929 Desotos in the collection an early rumble seat roadster that Chris called a 1928 and may even be titled that way? and a two tone blue sedan.


The 30 is a rare CF 8-cylinder sedan.


The 31 is a rumble seat coupe with dual side mounts.


The 32 is a rumble seat coupe with suicide doors


The 33 is a rumble seat coupe with suicide doors.


The 1934 is a Airflow sedan.


The 35 is an Airflow sedan.


There are two 36s in the collection an Airstream coupe and an Airflow sedan


The 37 is a business coupe.


The 38 is a rumble seat cabriolet.


The 39 is a club coupe.


There is a 40 custom sedan in the collection.


There are two 41 custom club coupes in the collection


The 42 with pop up headlights


The 46 is a long wheelbase suburban


The 47 is a sedan


The 48 is a club coupe


There are two 49s in the collection a woodie wagon and a club coupe


There are two 50s in the collection, a custom convertible coupe and a custom 8-passenger long wheelbase sedan


There are two 51 Desotos in the collection, a Custom coupe and a custom sedan


There are three 52 Desotos in the collection a pair of Firedome sedans and a custom sedan


There are two 53 Firdomes in the collection a Two-door hardtop with low miles and a four-door


There are two 54 Firedomes in the collection a two-door sedan and a four-door


There are two 55 Desotos in the collection a Firedome convertible and a Firedome sedan


There are four 1956 Desotos in the collection. a Firedome Convertible, a Fireflite two-door hardtop, a Fireflite sedan and a Firedome sedan.


The are two Firesweep sedans in the collection.


There are two 1958s in the collection a Firedome four-door hardtop that Chris told me he was the original owner on and a 1958 Memphian ambulance


There are two 1959 Firedome sedans in the collection


There are two 1960s in the collection and Adventurer two-door hardtop and an Adventurer four- door sedan.


Chris claimed to be the original owner on this low milage two-door hardtop and we will try to confirm this. Since Chris was collecting Desotos before Desoto went out of production he had to have one of the last ones and put it away for safe keeping.

Non Desotos

Chris did have a few cars that were not Desotos that will be for sale at the same auction. 1924 Tall T Ford 2-door sedan, 1934 Dodge 1/2 ton truck, 1962 Chrysler Imperial, (2) 1966 Chryslers, 1968 Chrysler 300 convertible and a 1978 Chrysler New Yorker

Group shots

A collection of image overviews of the collection when it was first removed from long term storage. The dust and bird poop still in place and only a few cars cleaned.

My opinions and descriptions?

    All of my opinions and descriptions of these cars are just that "opinions" I do not guarantee anything for accuracy so take it all with a grain of salt and look at the pictures (and videos soon) when placing bids on these cars at the auction. Do not come back to me crying that the car was not perfect because my description of nice varies from yours! I provide these images and descriptions as a public service only, I do not own nor have I owned Any of these cars I was just a friend of the collector that amassed them and a Desoto collector and fanatic not seeking treatment! Also I am a terrible typer and not an english major so there will be lots of typos. .

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