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Woody wagon this is one very rare car. This is not just a wood veneer on steel doors these doors are wood framed as it the rest of the body. A true woody! The car is obviously filthy but through the dirt you can see that it is either a very nice original car or a nicely restored original example with very solid wood framing. Desoto only made a woody this year and 1950 so they are very tough to come by. The interior I believe to be original and was made for utilitarian purposes when it was new. The rear bumper is the woody only special one with drop out center section for when the tailgate is opened. The spare tire is stored in the tailgate and the woody specific trim is all there. 7 button deluxe radio 51,331 miles showing on the odometer

Deluxe club coupe overall condition appears to be a very nice original. Some paint flaking off right front door. Trim nice, has heater and radio. Large paint chip on decklid below handle by no means a show car but a nice survivor that should be appreciated and driven as is. After market locking gas cap 33,897 miles on the odometer that I would suspect are original based on the condition of the car. The car has been started and runs nice according to the mechanic.

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1949B Desoto image #2

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1949B Desoto image #3

1949B Desoto image #7

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1949B Desoto image #4

1949A Desoto image #1

1949A Desoto image #5

1949A Desoto image #9

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