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     On the other pages of the topic Powercar Company I have concentrated on the cars that were styled after production automobiles starting with the Ford Thunderbird in 1955. on this page I cover some of the other vehicles that they produced before and during the production of the automotive based products. from the best sources i could find the company started as the New London Metal Processing Corporation in New London Connecticut in the very early 1950s were they started making the Caterpillar diesel Bulldozer that was pedal powered. from there the company went to Mystic Connecticut and became the Mystic River Sales company wher it continued to make the bulldozer and they added the Powercar Junior that was basically the bulldozer civilized. The Powercar had wheels instead of tracks and headlights were added along with a more dosile paint scheme and most importantly it was electric powered instead of peadl powered. A combat tank joined the line up that was pedal powered like the bulldozer and had tracks like the bulldozer but it carried a fiberglass body and shot ping pong balls. then there was a vision of things to come with the powercar special with it's electric power and fiberglass body it was very close to a production automobile in style with working headlights and taillights along with a horn and even reverse. also available were trailers to hitch to you powercar Junior or special in order to haul goods or the neighbor kids. this would have been the model line up in 1953 and 1954 before first Thhunderbird was made. they also made a basic Go-Kart called the Scotty in the mid to late 50s when Go-Karts were in the infancy that was electric powered instead of gas powered like most Go-Karts of the day.

I am sure that there is a lot that I need to learn about this company and some things that have been lost forever to the past. Anyone who collects these little cars will be glad to know that one of the companies Ex- test drivers (and son of the works manager) is compiling all of the information that he has gathered over the years in order to publish a book on the subject. I for one will be glad to place my name on that waiting list.

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I have started a Resourses page that I will list known available original parts and reproduction parts for Powercar products. I have also started to compile a list of surviving cars. but the list is only as good as the information that I am provided. or as good as i am able to update it. if you have information to share or parts to sell let me know.

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